Sales of  4K defintion TVs is exptected to grow by nearly 50% year on year until 2019, new data from a research firm suggests.


Technavio, who are a large tech focused research firm has published a report last week outlining that growth of high end 4k TVs will increase by over 45% of the compound annual growth rate, that means that grow will be incremental every year until 2019. 4k TVs have a horizontal resolution of 4000 pixels, which is four times higher defintion than standard 1080p Tvs.

predicted growth of 4k sales 2015 - 2019

- in Millions


This growth will almost certainly see a large rise in TV channels and services adopting to this new resolution. Streaming firm Netflix already offers 4k services to its consumers as well as Amazon offering several series on its prime video service at 4K.


It is believed that the growth of 4K mainly falls down to awareness from content suppliers and tech afficionados, but Technavio also believes that strategic alliances between market players may also be down to this higher interest.


4K Tvs currently cost between £2500 - £4000 in the UK market as of writing (May 2015) but as all new TV technology increases, prices are sure to fall. For more about 4K and new TV technology, see our post here.

google trends showing 4k tv searches between 200 and 2015

- Google Trends on 4k news headline searches from January 2000 - May 2015. a very sharp increase in headline news stories has occured between Q3 and Q4 in 2014.