New Figures have revealed that upto the end of 2014 death''s from Tipover TVS has started to decrease.

In 2012 a report announced some startling figures over the increase in fatal accidents mainly from children under 9 years of age. Whilst deaths in the US grew in 2012 to 42, that number halved in 2013 before a slight rise in 2014.


figures from tipover tv deaths from 200 - 2014

* Data collected from Consumer Product Safety Commision in the US.

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Some Key Facts:

  • The most common screensize for fatalities was 32" in 2012, this would support the idea that most deaths occur when a CRT TV (Cathode ray tube - the traditional TV) or a flat screen is moved into a bedroom or childs room that is not supported correctly.
  • 43% of CRT TVs were on top of dressers
  • A test conducted by the CPSC showed that a 32inch CRT TV dropped from a height of 36 inches has an average force of 12703 pounds, and flat screens a force of 2,100.