The tricky part is choosing the appropriate type of wall mount for your room and for your television.  Here is a short guide to help you answer the common question: “Which TV Bracket Should I Buy?”


Considerations Before Choosing a Mount

The Size and Weight of your television is the chief consideration you should keep in mind before choosing a TV Mount Bracket.  It is crucial to buy a mount that can hold the weight of the television and to use a wall that can also support that weight.


Mount Compatibility is also a key consideration.  Most mounts are universal and will be compatible with over 90% of the televisions currently on the market.  The manufacturers of most modern televisions will also have details of compatible mounts on their website.   The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) have worked to standardise the mounting holes in televisions and television mounts.  If your television manufacturer supports VESA standards, that makes your task very simple.  If you have a slightly unusual mounting bracket or television, you may require an adapter plate.


Type of Television.  While it is unusual to see a CRT Television nowadays, it’s important to understand that the mounting systems for these types of televisions are completely different to flat screen televisions.


Wall Mount Safety is very important. Some wall mounts are only suitable for using with certain kinds of walls or have special requirements like particular screws.  Be aware of the requirements of each wall mount and your television.  Also make sure the television wall mount you choose has been reviewed by the Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL).  The UL  is an American safety consulting and certification company that tests products against stringent safety standards.  A high quality wall mount should be listed by UL or the equivalent safety standards organisation in your country.


Types of TV Mount Brackets

There are a wide variety of TV mount brackets that differ in terms of construction quality, functionality and appearance.  You should consider the room which the device is going in, the way it will be used and how you want it to look before making a purchasing decision.  It’s also important to note that some television models may be limited in terms of how they can be mounted.


Low Profile (also called a stationary or fixed mount)

This kind of television mount bracket holds the screen flat against the wall.  Once you have placed the television in the mount, its movement cannot be adjusted and it remains firmly fixed in that location. 


This is a great choice for rooms where the television will always be point in the same direction, for example in a home theatre or lounge room. The low profile mount also gives a room a very clean and modern appearance.  Some televisions with bulky rear protrusions may not be compatible with these kinds of mounts.  An example of a low profile mount is the popular King Flat to Wall TV Mount.


Tilt Mounts

The tilt mount also sits very close to the wall, but can be tilted up and down to reposition the screen slightly.  This is ideal for rooms where glare is a problem.  If you have a room where seating arrangements change, it can also be handy to focus the screen closer or further back in the room.  The extent of the tilt varies between mounts, but usually it is around 5 to 20 degrees.  The King Large Tilt TV Mount and AVF Premium Adjustable Tilt Mount are both very popular tilt mounts. 


Some tilt mounts also allow the television to be slightly swivelled, useful if you are sitting at an unusual angle or lying down in front of the screen.  The AVF Nexus LCD Mount provides swivel and tilt functionality while keeping the television close to the wall.


Swivel Mounts (Articulating and Pivoting mounts)

If you require maximum versatility, a swivel mount may be required.  Swivel mounts are ‘full motion mounts’, meaning they can move the television left, right, up and down.  These kinds of mounts are useful in large entertaining areas where chairs are moved around.  There are two varieties of swivel mounts, pivoting and articulating. 


A pivot mount features a single bar between the television and the wall, which allows it to move left and right.  This is the simplest form of swivel mount and the length of the bar will always determine how far the television is from the wall.


An articulating mount features an additional flexible joint between the wall and the television, which gives it a large range of movement.  It also allows the television to be placed closer to the wall.  Think of a pivot mount as having the flexibility you have in your forearm and the articulating mount as having the flexibility of your entire arm.


Some high-quality articulating swivel mounts include the King Large Full Motion Mount, King Medium Full Motion Mount and the AVF Premium Multi-position Wall Mount.


Flip Mounts

Flip mounts allow for the television to be flipped into a hidden position after they have been used.  These types of mounts are very useful in spaces where you only temporarily need a television, like the kitchen or bedroom.  Theses kinds of mounts are designed for small  televisions.


Ceiling Mounts

Ceiling mounts allow the television to hang from the ceiling using a single metal pole.  These mounts usually offer a small amount of tilt and can be useful in the bedroom or kitchen.  Usually these kinds of mounts won’t hold as much weight as a wall mount.


Which TV Bracket Should I Buy?

To answer this question, you should consider the following factors:


  • Which room will it be going in?
  • How often will the television be used each day and for how long?
  • Is the furniture in the room fixed or will I need to move the television around to accommodate changes?
  • What look am I going for in the room?
  • What size television am I going to mount?
  • Are there any environmental considerations in the room like glare in the afternoons?


By considering those questions and combining it with the details of the mounts mentioned above, you should be able to find the best TV bracket for your home.  If you have any questions, please contact our friendly staff!