Work out your base

Please measure your TV width to make sure you have no overhang and that the base sits snuggly on it, you may find your TV, such as some LG models have legs at the very end of the TV, please remember to take this into account, also remember to take into account the width and depth of stand for the area available.

- Our Stands come with complete dimensions, please always measure, especially the width - this one is 114cm and is suitable for large TVs with a base under 114cm.

Stand or stand with bracket?

We have a couple of choices in our tv units, some are clear or black glass stands and other are combination stands and brackets. Most of our TV stands are approx 40 - 50cm high which gives a great front on optimal viewing experience, whilst some of our combination stands and brackets also features a viewing experience on the bracket slightly higher from 70 - 80cm depending on the size of our TV.

tv stand with tv bracket


- A couple of our most popular stands, you can see our whole TV stand range here

How much weight does your glass take?

Typically each lower shelf will take approx 20kgs of weight, perfect for Sky boxes, games consoles and soundbars that meet the length of the stand, again always worth measuring.
The top shelf will typically take 35 - 50kgs - always check before you buy but this slightly thicker glass should take the weight of any large or curved TV.

What about bracket weight?

Our combined stands and bracket will take most TV's again usually 35kgs and above, but please always check, always measure the VESA, currently all of our brackets that sit on tv stands have a VESA of 600mm x 400mm which will take every VESA size from 75mm, 100mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm and 600mm x 400mm


cable management in a tv stand

Whats cable management?

Some of our TV stands feature cable management, these are the central columns at the back of the TV that feed cabling through and keep the rear of your tv looking tidy and organised, its also a great way to keep pets and little ones safe from hanging cables.