LG TV Wall Brackets & Mounts

A great video by LG discussing installing TV Brackets

LG are one of the newer businesses to the TV market, but still make exceptional quality products at great prices, our range of LG TV wall mounts will fit any LG TV

Where To Find Your TV Model Number

where to find the LG serial number/Product code



Using The Right Screws

choose the right screws for your tv

Most LG TV's use the M6 and M8 sized screw which we usually supply in 2 different sizes, always remember to test the screws first before installing the bracket or the adapters and always make sure the screws are long enough for your TV but do not go in too deep

Frequently Asked Questions About TV Brackets For TVs

Where do i find the VESA for my TV?

We have a comprehensive list of screensizes and VESA here. To get your TVs VESA, simply get a tape measure and size the screw holes on the back of your TV, go diagonally first, followed by up and down, then click the link to see which TVs are suitable for you!

My TV Doesnt Seem to Fit my TV Mount?

This might seem silly, but make sure that your checking the bracket against the instructions, a common mistake is people have their mount upside down and this is bad news and unsafe! If your convinced its on the right way, give us a call, its rare, but your TV might not be VESA Compatible and you may need an adapter for it.

Which choice is right for me - Tilt, Flat to wall or multi position corner mount?

We have a comprehensive guide into which tv mount is right for your TV, just click here

I have just bought a curved OLED TV will it mount?

.Yes! Most VESA sizes for LG curved TVS are at 400mm x 400mm so this range of tv mount will fit your OLED curved TV.

LG TV Mounts For 32" Inch TVS

LG TV Mounts For 42" Inch TVS

LG TV Mounts For 55" Inch TVS

Things to remember....

Always check your VESA holes before buying a TV mount so you know which one is right fo you, are a worldwide brand and to our knowledge their great range of TVs are all VESA compatible, so you should have no problem mounting your TV on a bracket from TV Furniture Direct.

Know your TV Model? You can find detailed information on all LG TV's here.